Our Yiwu Sourcing Agent Service Explained Step By Step

As an expert sourcing representative based in Yiwu, The Yiwu Agent specializes in assisting overseas buyers with the procurement of diverse products from numerous providers in China.

In addition to sourcing, we oversee order monitoring, conduct quality assurance checks, perform inspections, offer storage solutions, manage container loading, handle Chinese customs declarations, and facilitate shipping. Our comprehensive service suite significantly streamlines and simplifies the process of importing goods from China.

Order Process:

2-1: Please prepare a detailed list of products you wish to source, including photos if possible. These details enable us to provide you with precise and prompt price quotations. (Note: We do not have product catalogs because we are a sourcing agent, not a manufacturer. However, we possess a robust supply chain network to assist you in finding the ideal products at the most competitive prices.)

2-2: Forward the product details (e.g., photos) to us (refer to the example screenshot below section 3). We will create a dedicated team within a WhatsApp group to discuss and confirm all aspects of your order.

2-3: Our team will begin the sourcing process and provide you with price quotes for the requested products.

2-4: We will send you the initial invoice for your review and confirmation before you proceed with payment.

2-5: Please make your payment via bank transfer, either at a bank branch or through online banking.

2-6: We will initiate the processing of your order upon receipt of your payment.

2-7: Once the suppliers complete production, we will collect the goods and store them in our warehouse.

2-8: We offer warehousing services to safely store your products before shipment.

2-9: We will conduct a thorough inspection of the goods and provide you with a report for approval, which may include a video call, photos, and videos.

2-10: Upon your acceptance of the quality and condition of the goods and your approval of the shipping fees, we will issue a second invoice (which also includes our commission). You will then need to transfer the inland and shipping costs to us, after which we will arrange for shipping.

2-11: After receiving the second payment, we will handle the China customs clearance for your shipment.

2-12: We will send you all necessary documents (Bill of Lading, invoice, packing list, and any other required documents) to facilitate customs clearance when the goods arrive at your country’s port of entry.

2-13: Your total cost for importing from China will include:

2-13-1: Product Payment (Our commission is based on this payment).

2-13-2: Inland Charges (From Yiwu to Ningbo port, including booking fees, Terminal Handling Charges (THC), EDI, electronic packing list fee, documentation fee, China Customs fee, port entrance fee, trucking fee, barcode fee, telex release fee, port crane fee, etc.).

2-13-3: Shipping Charges (From the port of loading in China to the destination port).

2-13-4: Commission (Refer to sections 1-5 for details on our commission structure).

2-13-5: Customs Clearance Fee & Import Duty (Fees incurred in your country for the release of the cargo by the customs department).

After-Sales Service:

If you receive products that do not meet the agreed standards:

4-1: Please provide us with photos and videos of the substandard products as evidence.

4-2: We will investigate the matter with the suppliers, our warehouse team, and shipping forwarders, among others.

4-3: We will either refund you for the non-conforming products or provide replacements in your next shipment.

For the above services, we charge 3 – 8 % service commission based on your annual purchase value, annual total numbers of suppliers, and other factors (like customized products ) which may may take lot of extra work load . 

*FREE OF CHARGE if you’re not happy about our service. 

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