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My Services In Yiwu

Before you come to China:

  • Send an invitation letter.
  • Book Hotel, we can get a discount from Hotels in Yiwu.
  • Pick you up from airport( Yiwu Airport, Hangzhou Airport, Shanghai Airport) and drop at the Hotel for free.
  • We will check the items you are interested in and send you a price list for reference.

After you arrive To Yiwu:

  • Guide you through the Yiwu Market and take you to visit factories, help you save time and cost.
  • Make a price list including pictures, unit price, pcs/ctn, total amount, total CBM, and so on.

After you leave Yiwu:

  • We will send you the price list of the goods that you have ordered. After receiving  30% deposit, we will send the deposit to the suppliers and ask them to start preparing the goods.
  • Once the goods are ready, we will start to collect goods in our warehouse, and send you the inspection photos of the goods.
  • We will pay the supplier after checking the goods
  • Prepare all Shipping documents according to customers’ request for customs clearance.
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Why Would You Need A Yiwu Agent?

  1. Navigating the Yiwu Market: Yiwu is home to the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world, with thousands of stalls and shops. A sourcing agent can help buyers navigate this vast market efficiently, saving time and effort.
  2. Language Barrier: Communication can be a significant challenge for foreign buyers. A sourcing agent often speaks both Mandarin and the buyer’s language, facilitating clear and effective communication with suppliers.
  3. Cultural Understanding: Understanding local business practices and cultural nuances is crucial when negotiating and building relationships with suppliers. A sourcing agent can bridge cultural gaps, ensuring smooth transactions.
  4. Quality Control: Sourcing agents can perform quality checks and ensure that the products meet the buyer’s specifications before shipping. This minimizes the risk of receiving defective or substandard goods.
  5. Logistics and Shipping:  Sourcing agents can assist with the logistics of packaging, consolidating shipments from different vendors, and arranging for cost-effective transportation, simplifying the complex process of getting goods from the factory floor to the buyer’s doorstep.
  6. Market Knowledge: Agents have up-to-date information on market trends, new products, and pricing, which can be leveraged to the buyer’s advantage.
  7. Supplier Verification: Sourcing agents can verify the legitimacy and reliability of suppliers, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that the suppliers can meet production demands.
  8. Cost Savings: By negotiating better prices and terms with suppliers, sourcing agents can help buyers save money.
  9. Problem-solving: If issues arise during the manufacturing or purchasing process, an agent can quickly address and resolve them due to their proximity and understanding of the local business environment.
  10. Focus on Core Business: By outsourcing the complexities of sourcing to an agent, businesses can focus on their core activities, confident that the procurement process is in expert hands.
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